COVID-19: Business Continuity & Support For Our Clients

Project & Asset Management Training – Central London 2020
January 20, 2020

Dear Customer, 

In light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak and with governments around the world encouraging social distancing and remote work where possible, we are advising all Codub Group employees to work from home where possible from Friday 20th March onward.

Please read the following regarding the impact this may have on our support for your business:

Support Services – Business As Usual
Our main priority is to continue to support the long term relationship we have with all clients and to continue to provide a consistent level of support across all services. Our team is fully prepared for remote work, and it will have no impact on the levels of support we can provide. All of our solutions are cloud-based and we have deployed remote working on many occasions before successfully and continued to provide the support levels required for our clients.

Our emphasis will be to complete support tickets remotely where possible, although we understand this will not be possible in all situations and some site/client visits may be required. We will always communicate clearly with you. All our employees are aware of the current guidance in place regarding social distancing and sanitizing for any on-site visits.

Remote Working – Our Team & Clients:
We currently have structures in place to support remote working during this period for our employees as well as our clients. These structures have been used successfully in the past and thus we are fully prepared to maintain excellent levels of support during this period.

Our usual technology tools and channels for communication will be open for all forms of communications between our teams and clients. Please see the designated communication channels below and use the appropriate one when needed.

  • All support requests/tickets should please be sent to our official support desk –
  • All teleconferencing will be handled through zoom, Webex or Skype – an invite will be sent when needed.
  • All on premise hosted solution access will be done through RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), Citirix or any other solution offered by the client. 

Once again, we are committed to providing excellent support for your business during this period. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stay Safe.

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