Codub Consulting Ltd. commences Asset and Location tagging for HSBC

HSBC PPM program goes live on Maximo 7
February 16, 2011
Codub at the UK’s leading Annual Facilities Management Event
May 16, 2011

Mar. 2011

Codub Consulting Ltd. commences Asset and Location tagging for HSBC

Codub commences the asset survey and barcoding of all assets at HSBC properties across UK and Channel Islands.
Codub Consulting was awarded the contract to carry out an asset and location survey including bar coding of some of the properties owned by HSBC. The contract was made possible through Interserve plc., the services, maintenance and building group, who won a £200 million facilities management (FM) contract with HSBC
Benefits of Codub’s approach to asset and location survey

  • Instant online downloadable electronic asset register
  • Standardisation of data format resulting in high data accuracy as surveyors must fill required fields
  • Industry standard approach to asset survey using standard hierarchies (e.g. SFG20, CAWS, CISBE)
  • Data collection via handheld PDAs
  • Time stamped survey data
  • Huge reduction in manual data manipulation resulting in huge cost savings
  • Easier bulk data manipulation to suit different client requirements/CMMS system
  • Tagging actual locations e.g. meeting rooms, boiler rooms would allow proper management of work orders for grouped assets like lighting to be monitored correctly.
  • Information for several assets can be obtained from a single location barcode where the assets reside e.g. you can view all outstanding work orders in a computer room.
  • Barcoding locations will also help manage the soft services more efficiently particularly for cleaning, reception and security.
  • Ability to monitor both asset and non-asset related work orders associated within a location. This will make it easier for Interserve & HSBC FMs to monitor real time information on outstanding work without checking each asset data while on site visits.

If you need more information on how Codub can quickly and affordably deliver accurate asset/equipment registers, please contact our senior engineer by emailing –

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