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January 16, 2014
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May 19, 2014


Now you see her

Black, rich and defiant

Standing firm amidst the elements

Sucking deep into nothingness

Refining fossils from refuse

Producing feasts from debris

Daring every tribulation

Defying time

Excerpts from PETALS OF STEEL: Praises to the Baobab- The Tree of Life

Uloma Umeano (January 2014)


This Art Exhibition is all about celebrating the Woman, the beautiful African Woman. She is the earth, she is the tree; she is the present, she is the future.

The diversity issues that surround gender equality and female inclusion in various aspects of the economy have in recent times taken the lead in discussions at Human Capital Management seminars and workshops. Several interest groups have found the need to protect and project the female gender so as to provide a fair, or at least better advantage. It is on this backdrop that Petals of Steel was developed.

It is an opportunity to recognize the unsung; to celebrate the resilience of this weaker yet tougher gender. To showcase to the world, through art, the silent victories that the woman records on a daily, if not hourly basis. This is represented by the African Woman so as to incorporate the deep historical and cultural influences that have further defined her. An exciting “Day-in-the-life” approach allows us tell this story in the deepest, most complete manner.

We implore you to be a part of this project, your organisation will surely benefit immensely from this positive gesture and show of support. The benefits of such involvement include positive organisation reputation and an endearing therefore to the corporate brand. You will join other organisations like yours to announce that Nigeria is also sensitive to issues of gender recognition and balance in diversity issues.

There is ample evidence that women are the engine behind economic and social development and this Art Exhibition seeks to celebrate this. It recognises and magnifies the position and importance of women, extolling their virtues as mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. The theme for this Exhibition is “Petals of Steel”. This theme has been developed based on the need to portray the woman as the phenomenal individual that she is. The woman is the backbone of the society; she is the alluring beauty, the committed mother, the tireless nurturer and the graceful hard-worker. There is a need to showcase the woman and applaud her strength and fragility, an amazing combination that should be loved and respected and this Art Exhibition intends to do all this. It intends to show the woman in all her glory, showing all her capabilities and creating a deeper awareness and appreciation for her by not just the society but by the women themselves.

The proposed event is of a twofold nature, there will be an Art Exhibition and a Fashion display where clothes made by the artist will be displayed. Of course, the clothes have been made with an artistic twist and flair, a beautiful and sensational way to wear Art. Both events will hold at Transcorp Hotel, Abuja. The opening night is scheduled to take place on the 26th of May, 2014 from 3pm – 6pm.  The exhibition will be open for 4 days after.

This exhibition is mind blowing – an amazing collection of mixed media and experiential art, the set for the display is beyond the ordinary and Art in itself! Every aspect of this exhibition is meant to tell a story and evoke emotions from everyone who witnesses it. It is filled with different elements that reflect the women in our culture and her diversity.


Thank you very much for the opportunity to share this with you.


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