Another contract win for Codub Consulting Ltd

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August 16, 2006
Another contract win for Codub Consulting Ltd
March 9, 2010

July 2009

Another contract win for Codub Consulting Ltd.

Codub Consulting is pleased to announce the award of a national contract to carry out an asset condition survey of all properties owned by the Cambridge Assessment GroupCambridge Assessment Group is a department of the University of Cambridge and was established in 1858 by the University.

As part of the contract, all the assets are to be bar-coded. Codub has taken an off-the-shelf product and modified it specifically for Cambridge Assessment to allow the ability to collect relevant information about any type of asset. The application includes drop downs to ensure data consistency as well as data integrity.

The contract has commenced and all the engineers are using the industry approved Motorola MC55 hand held PDAs to do the asset collection, which eliminates the need for paperwork and all the associated errors and time delays. At the end of each day, all the engineers synchronise the PDA with their PC and the data is exported into Excel and that’s it…your electronic asset register!!!

Codub Consulting has utilised the experience and knowledge gained in asset management and maintenance and already Cambridge Assessment are seeing the future benefit of the process. Bar code labels will be attached to each asset as part of the tagging process.

The end result will be that Cambridge Assessment will have a detailed and accurate asset register. The asset register will also provide further information about the condition of their assets.

Finally, Codub Consulting have been appointed to look into various Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) to which to import all the asset data as well as implement a stringent maintenance strategy.

If you need more information on how Codub can quickly and affordably deliver accurate asset/equipment registers, please contact our senior engineer by emailing –

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