Digital Health Transformation – Improving access, affordability, and efficiencies

  • Patient Workload – The number of patients and critical cases are increasing dramatically around the world. This needs innovative solutions for improved patient care in line with the increasing workload.
  • Reporting and analysis – Patients get access to specialists and experts otherwise not available locally. At the same time, the usual delay in analysis and reporting to the patients is avoided through immediate reports from the Specialists via remote access.

Cost savings

  • Printing, storage, and duplication cost – Significant reduction/elimination of film-related / printing costs for medical images costs improves cost-effectiveness and affordability in developing countries.
  • Reductions in specialists costs – The reduced need for a Specialist to travel to hospitals is a commonly cited benefit of CMIE in discussions of its cost-effectiveness.

A Universal Platform

Care providers

  • Electronic Medical Records including patient records, clinical administration systems, digital imaging & archiving systems, disaster recovery, e-prescriptions, e-booking, and e-billing.

Specialty Diagnostics and Community Healthcare Screening Centers

  • Telemedicine and tele-care services.
  • Health information networks.
  • Decision support “tools and applications”

Patients and Remote Monitoring

  • 24/7 provisioning of live remote consultation and Live chat services.
  • Active patient monitoring systems.

Health Insurance Providers

  • Access to Patient Health Records (PHRs)
  • Second Opinion


Improved Clinical Workflow