Expert Harps on Maintenance
of Infrastructure

Codub Services Limited, Mr. Chidi Umeano, has stressed the need for regular maintenance of infrastructure for them to last long. Speaking at a press briefing in Lagos recently, Umeano said whatever infrastructure built by both government and private organisations should be given proper and regular maintenance done by the professional consultants.

“Nigerians generally do not have the right attitude towards cultivating good maintenance culture as seen in the western world and some other black nations. There are so many structures abroad that have been in existence for ages and still functioning very well. The bottom line is that there is absolutely need for maintenance for a period of five years or there about, “he said.

Umeano disclosed that as part of efforts to promote maintenance culture among Nigerians, he said his company is organising the 3rd Annual Infrastructure Asset Summit Africa from March 31 to April 1, 2014 in Lagos.

According to him, the event will discuss more on how costs can be reduced, improved safety, increased profitability through effective asset management and maintenance for industry leaders, practitioners and investors respectively.

Speaking on business sustenance, Umeano noted that there is need for policy to be made but that most importantly is implementation, which is lacking in the country and advised that chief executives of industries and agencies should not be afraid of training those under them because it would help on maintenance and sustainability when they are no longer there.

“We shouldn’t be afraid of training those under us to take over from us when we die or live office. They have experience and we should stop the idea of our children taking over though, nothing is wrong with that but the question is, do they have the capability to do so?” he said.

Principal Consultant, Codub Services Limited, Mr. Chidi Umeano