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Principal Consultant, Codub Group

His a life lived with purpose and integrity which surely may not come with the trappings of fame and fortune, but the number of people whose lives have been positively molded by this exemplary living is enough to place him among men of value in Nigeria whose achievements cannot be ignored.
For those not aware of how Chidi Umeano, Principal Consultant, Codub Group has gradually made his name an endorsement of value, a brief insight into his life journey may still be necessary. A graduate of the University of Nigeria and Brunel university United Kingdom, he had worked with different world class organizations across continents before his patriotic desire to contribute to nation-building brought him back to Nigeria where he set up Codub Group, and the experienced engineer, information management and business analyst has expectedly made the Codub one of the firms of repute in Nigeria today.

Asked about his guiding philosophies, he replied “Honesty is on key principle for me and this is reflected in one of our organization’s motto “Service Delivery Through Honesty and Transparent Partnership With Our clients. Another is trust in God and making sure I do not disappoint those that trust in me”.

Apart from the inspiration he gets from the life of Jesus, the astute professional at different period of his life had been influenced by Fr. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy, a catholic priest, Prof Savvas Tassou of the Brunel University, Martin Luther King Jr, and his parents.

An Amiable man with disciplined character, Umeano is one those who believe that parent have failed in their responsibility of raising character conscious children in Nigeria. Hear him: “Firstly, as parents we have failed our children and also failed the next two generations after us by placing more focus on materialism over ethics and values. Thus, our priorities are misplaced and when they are misplaced, then we lose focus.

Secondly, the media has contributed immensely to the decay in ethics and values as more and more focus seems to be on the celebrity culture. That is why this bold drive by the Guardian Newspaper to change the mind set of youths is a laudable initiative. Well done.”

Explaining what informed his decision to set up Codub group and the firm has fared over the years, he said: “Driving down cost, cost and cost. At Codub, we use Technology to Reduce Costs, Improve Efficiency and Increase Revenue. Over the years, Codub has been assisting organizations in determining what they own (Asset Register), the condition of their assets (Condition Register) and the maintenance required (Maintenance Standards). We provide solutions (software and consultancy) for the management of the life span of physical assets including costs, environmental impact and asset replacement”.

“We have also assisted organizations in moving towards industry best practice process delivery with the use of cutting edge and adaptive software technologies including SAP, IBM Maximo, FSI Concept CAFM and Maintenance Connection CMMS and Codub Training has provided capacity development solutions for all levels of people in both the public and private sectors.

Our turnkey summits in Nigeria called Infrastructure Asset Management Summit and the Asset and Waste Management workshops are helping to change the mind of set of many Nigerians towards reviving and adopting proper maintenance culture in order to drive down operating costs of the public and private sectors.”

Sharing his vision for Codub, he said: “Our vision is to be the preferred consulting form for Asset Management and CMMS Projects in West Africa and to retain every client for life and turn them into a raving fan. Our Mission is to use the largest technology to assist organizations develop a robust strategy for Asset & facilities Management”.