Strategic Leadership


The session will raise participant’s understanding of the background to effective leadership, learning and developing high performance teams. Modern quality management systems involve individuals with a larger number and wider variety of other people in the course of their work than ever before, which inevitably means all the more opportunity for conflicts to arise and the need for ensuring a team at work is performing at its peak.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the difficulties in political influencing
  • Gain confidence in lobbying and political influencing
  • Recognise policy/strategy environment
  • Create a compelling vision for the people and communities they influence
  • Define the challenges of management and leadership, identifying individual preferences, strengths and development areas
  • Recognise and practise a set of behaviours that will enable them to demonstrate and role model “The Golden Rules of Leadership”
  • Understand the different leadership styles and when to employ them
  • Learn how to develop key people within an organisation
  • Use different strategies for dealing with conflict to ensure high team performance
  • Use assertive behaviour rather than aggressive or passive behaviour in dealing with team members

Who Should Attend?

Senior Managers, Directors, Heads of Departments, Heads of Business Units, Team Leaders and Supervisors, Maintenance & Engineering Managers and all those leading teams.

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