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As is widely stated no ERP or maintenance program has a chance of succeeding without supporting role specific training. Our consultants will help in developing a training matrix that matches the maintenance function of any organisation. Thus, our training will be developed to accommodate the business rules and processes identified. We have always found that the role specific focus of the training is required so that people know their responsibilities, accountabilities and role relationships with others in the organisational structure.

Our training delivery is usually based on specific training notes agreed between the client and Codub. All our training notes are tailored to the business needs of our clients. The mode of delivery of each course will be through a lecture, a tutorial and an exercise session for the delegates to put into practice what has been taught. Where more than one IBM Maximo® application will be covered in a course, the above mode of delivery will include an exercise to go through a typical process as done within your organisation e.g. the process of creating a new assets through to assigning a PM template and finally to raising & closing down a Work Order.

Why choose Codub for your training?

  • Our consultants have excellent MAXIMO & Project Management experience.
  • Our consultants have excellent presentation techniques.
  • We are driven by customer satisfaction and hence at the end of each session, a questionnaire is distributed and the feedback is used immediately for the next session.

Prior to training, Codub ask the following typical questions:

  • Is Maximo used for Helpdesk?
  • Is Maximo used for Planned Maintenance including tracking spare parts?
  • Is Maximo to be used for the Purchasing and Invoicing?
  • Is there a business process?
  • Are all trainees conversant with the business process?
  • What experience of Maximo do the trainees have e.g. how long they have used Maximo?
  • Are all trainees computer literate?

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