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JUNE – 2020

Intensive Microsoft Office Online Training – Register now

With the gradual ease on the global restriction of movement and the lock down of businesses and offices due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most people and businesses are beginning to once again open shop. The businesses or individuals who get ahead now are those who invested in their employees or themselves during the lock down. We hope you are one of them and if not, here is yet another chance!
We wish to use this opportunity to invite you and your business to take advantage of our upcoming Microsoft Office proficiency online training and up your skills and that of your employees for growth.
Download the training leaflet here

What will be covered:

Microsoft Excel:

  • Work smarter with Microsoft Excel
  • Understand your excel environment
  • Familiarize yourself with Ribbons and View
  • Understand page layout and how it works
  • Learn to protect your sensitive information
  • Learn some advanced printing tricks in excel
  • Work with large data with ease
  • Be conversant with the use of formulas and functions
  • Save time with excel shortcuts and much more …..

Microsoft Word:

  • Understanding the Microsoft Word Environment: Quick Access Toolbar, Office Assistant,Ribbons..
  • Customise your environment to suit your need
  • File Management : Protecting your document…
  • Editing a Document: Short-cuts, Format Painter, Page-Breaks…
  • Working with Texts: Formatting, Hyperlinks, Equations & Symbols…
  • Paragraph Formatting: Borders,Index and tabs, alignments….
  • Page Layout : Margins ,Orientation , Indenting, Spacing…
  • Working with Headers & Footers, Numbering , Dates…
  • Working with Objects : Pictures, Shapes, Text Boxes, Charts ….

Microsoft PowerPoint:

  • Understand and customize the PowerPoint interface
  • Create and Format your presentations
  • Add graphical elements to your presentation
  • Modify objects in your presentation
  • Add tables and charts to your presentation
  • Apply Animation and Transition to your presentation
  • Apply effects to your presentation
  • Work with media and much more….

Register/Book Now:

Intensive Microsoft Office Training

Africa – Call: +234 80 2214 3565 | +234 80 5888 5887 | +234 80 3570 7527

JANUARY – 2021

Project Management Training – Central London 2021 – Register now

Codub Training will once again be organizing the popular practical project management workshop come June 2021. This training involves practical sessions on project management as well as a visit to UK’s most well planned and executed project site.
Download the training leaflet here

Some of the learning objectives include:

  • Understanding some key terminologies used.
  • Understanding steps in Project Management.
  • Identifying what makes projects different and why they commonly fail.
  • Identify key factors for successful projects.
Venue: Central London
Date: 22nd – 24th June 2021
Time: 9.00 A.M – 5 P.M Daily   
To book a place or request for more information, contact:
UK – Call: +44 7402 974 590 | +44 330 3230 587
Africa – Call: +234 80 2214 3565 | +234 80 5888 5887 | +234 80 3570 7527

PRINCE2® Foundation Course with Exam- Central London, 2021 – Register now

Download the training leaflet here
  • Are you having problems knowing where to start in a project? 
  • Are you struggling to keep track of your project costs? 
  • Do you experience difficulties in identifying project risks? 
  • Do you know how to create clear and concise progress reports? 
  • Have you been involved in a project that failed due to delays and budget overrun?
If you have answered YES to any of the above, then this course is definitely for you. This is a four days intensive course leading to PRINCE2® Foundation successful exam completion. Why should you learn it? The PRINCE2® project management methodology is the de-facto standard for project management that is practiced worldwide and translated in different languages. It covers the management, control and organisation of a project. A knowledge or qualification in PRINCE2® will not only boost your skills and confidence when managing projects but will greatly improve your career. Many organisations, both private and public are beginning to mandate the use of PRINCE2® and therefore require their staff to be competent and qualified to practice the method.

Some of the Learning Objectives:

  • Understand some key terminologies used 
  • Understand steps in PRINCE2® methodology 
  • Identify what makes projects different and why they commonly fail 
  • Identify key factors for successful projects 
  • In-depth knowledge of its methodology and application 
  • Project Initiation Document (PID) 
  • Risk and Issue logs including managing change 
  • Project closure and successful handover
Venue: Central London
Date: 21st – 24th June 2021
To book a place or request for more information, contact:
UK – Call: +44 7402 974 590 | +44 330 3230 587
Africa – Call: +234 80 2214 3565 | +234 80 5888 5887 | +234 80 3570 7527

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