Another contract extension for Codub Consulting Ltd

Another contract win for Codub Consulting Ltd
July 16, 2011
Codub commences asset barcoding (tagging) of UEL’s £21 million sports complex in Docklands
March 16, 2012

December 2011

Another contract extension for Codub Consulting Ltd.

Following a very successful implementation of Maintenance Connection, an Asset and Facilities Maintenance Management system for the Cambridge Assessmentt, Codub has been provided with a contract extension to continue to support the system. This will entail continuous training to the engineers, administration team and managers. Also, part of the contract will include full support of the online maintenance system.

The key benefits for Cambridge Assessment following the implementation:

  1. Tighter control of their suppliers and sub-contractors, as all scheduled dates are now managed through the system, which means that skipped maintenance visits are detected immediately on the day rather than later.
  2. A full Risk Assessment process is in place and contractors cannot be allowed to work on site without an electronic risk assessment method statement (RAMS) attached to the work order.
  3. The engineers are now more productive and have a sense of satisfaction after completing their assigned tasks for the day.
  4. Ability to run reports on outstanding work for each engineer/sub-contractor or for each building
  5. Ability to track statutory maintenance tasks easily.
  6. Access of asset history from anywhere in the world and from any device e.g. blackberry, iPhone.
  7. Most importantly, the assets are now been maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification, which in turn is reducing the number of breakdowns and increasing the asset life span.

The next phase will be the introduction of handhelds (PDA) for the engineers to help in raising work on the fly by easily scanning the asset barcode numbers. Also, the introduction of the scanning of all service reports and attaching them to the work orders should be of tremendous benefit.

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